iKON’s Bobby Solo Album Will Temporarily Hold All Promotions

Bobby will be halting solo promotions for his second full album “Lucky Man.” iKON‘s Bobby has decided to halt all promotions for his solo album in order to focus...
Fortnite Tournament

iKON Will Perform Live In New York & To Join The Fortnite Tournament!

iKON has finally landed in New York to promote Samsung and play against Ninja for the long-awaited Fortnite Tournament. After iKON's powerful debut performance at SXSW Festival in Texas which...

[OP-ED] APink’s Namjoo Plastic Surgery Controversy

Concerned or critical? APink recently attended the KOAFEC ceremony, and while everyone looked stunning - many were stunned by member Namjoo's changed looks. Now, we all know that as the capital...

Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon passes his college entrance exam at Chung-Ang University

Wanna One's Park Ji Hoon is leveling up on his studies! It has been revealed that our wink boy got accepted to a university. On November 10, a staff from...

iKON Achieves New Record In K-Pop

iKON achieves new record in K-pop, becoming another strong group under YG Entertainment.   Yang Hyun Suk must be celebrating right now after the huge success that all YG Entertainment groups...
YG Artists

YG Artists & Trainees’ Hidden Songs That Everyone Needs To Hear

Do you know that YG artists and trainees have released new songs that were not officially promoted in South Korea? iKON's B.i., YG trainees' Millenium and Bang Yedam, are just...

[VIDEO] Fans Crazily Welcome iKON In Australia For iKON’s Continue Tour

iKON arrived in Australia, fans gather at the airport to welcome all iKON members. After three years, iKON finally arrived in Australia for their first ever concert in the country. iKON's...
MAMA 2018

iKON and BLACKPINK Win Awards At MAMA 2018 Despite No Appearance

iKON and Blackpink received major awards at MAMA 2018 in Hong Kong. Despite YG Entertainment's no appearance at MAMA 2018, MNET still couldn't resist not giving any award to Blackpink...

TREASURE Burns Up the Japanese Music Scene!

YG's newest boy group, TREASURE, is about to debut in Japan that raises massive expectations by predicting unusual popularity, such as rising to the top! On March 10th, YG Entertainment...

G-Dragon Gives Beautiful Flowers To 2ne1’s Dara?!

Did G-dragon give those beautiful rose and orchids to Sandara Park? G-dragon and Sandara Park, also known as Daragon, are again sailing as fans found out that G-dragon sent beautiful...

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BLACKPINK’s Performance Video “Pretty Savage” Reaches 200 Million Views

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