HyunA Spills All about Triple H

HyunA recently joined 4Minute's ex-member HyunA recently joined two of her labelmates, E'Dawn and Hui of Pentagon, as the only female member of a subunit. Pentagon is the latest boy...

Bangtan Boys Set Their Eyes on Billboard!

It certainly has been a busy year for Bangtan Boys. The South Korean boy group has snatched prestigious awards during the 2016 year-end music awards, and now, they aim...
Triple H

Triple H zeigt Tanz-Choreo zum Song “365 Fresh”!

Triple H zeigt, was sie drauf haben! Heute (7.05) hat Cube Entertainment nämlich ein Video veröffentlicht, bei welchen Triple H die Choreo zum Song "365 Fresh" festhielten. Neben coole Tanz-Moves zeigten...
korean fashion

5 Fashion Staples You Need Right Now

The seasons are fast changing and so are the trends. I am always excited when trends emerge because it's fun to see new fashion pieces. But there are also...

The 5 Beauties of Pain (Moving On is Hard but Manageable)

The love month may have ended but I thought I would write about the beauty of moving on. Imagine being in a relationship for quite some time then suddenly...

Was ist K-Pop?

Bei K-Pop handelt es sich um ein Musik-Genre, welches hauptsächlich im asiatischen Raum zu finden ist, sich aber immer mehr auch international einen Namen macht. Mit "K-Pop" ist nichts...

K-pop Star 6 Kim So Hee – Dear No One

The sixth and final season of the South Korean reality television competition show, K-pop Star, also branded as K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance, premiered on SBS last November...

Best of Hyosung In 2016

I found this on Koreaboo and had to repost it! These are the best 10 Pictures of miss Beauty Hyosung in 2016! And they are quite gorgeous! see this by yourself! Source:...

The Cosmic Girls Are Back!!!

Photo Credit The Cosmic Girls are back!!!! Here's a timeline of what you can expect in the coming days: December 19 - Image teaser December 21 & 22 - Concept Photos December 26 -...

What’s Hot: $10 and Below Gifts This Christmas!

Looking for the perfect gift without breaking the bank? Check out our items below for fabulous items without the high price tag! Women's Night Dress Peacock, $10. Buy it here! Our...

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Aespa Karina

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