Fandom Song

BIGBANG’s Fandom Song ‘Black & Yellow’ Goes Viral Amidst Bigbang’s Issues

Have you heard about Bigbang's fandom song? It was a song written by VIPs for Bigbang. Bigbang has always been on a hot seat since their career started growing internationally. Bigbang...
SOPA Students

Korea’s SOPA Students Revealed School’s Darkest Ugly Secrets Through A Music Video

Students from Korea's SOPA (School Of Performing Arts) revealed their school's darkest secrets by releasing a music video published on YouTube. Recently, a video of SOPA students has gone viral....

YG Entertainment Creates NEW Official Instagram Account

YG Entertainment is officially back on Instagram as they created a new official account on Instagram. Now that Yang Hyun Suk already stepped down from managing YG Entertainment, YG Entertainment...
Produce 101 Season 4

2 YG Trainees, 3 Former YG Treasure Box Contestants Joined Produce 101 Season 4

YG Entertainment sends two trainees to join the MNET's Produce 101 Season 4. K-pop fans were surprised when they saw contestants from YG's Treasure Box participating on the new season...
YG Artists

YG Artists Spotted At YG Entertainment With Yang Hyun Suk

Is YG Entertainment preparing something big for YG fans? Most of YG artists were recently spotted going inside YG Entertainment on the same day. iKON, Winner, Blackpink, and AkMu were spotted...

E! Online Asia Apologizes For Posting Fake News About Seungri’s Case

After Billboard attacked Blackpink members, E! Online Asia is now under fire for releasing FALSE article about Seungri's case. E! Online Asia posted a public apology after releasing a misinforming...

Alleged Friend of Seungri’s Accuser Reveals The Truth, Apologizes For Lying

The alleged friend of Burning Sun's whistleblower finally revealed the truth. The alleged friend apologized for revealing information to the public that didn't have enough proof. Check out the video and...
American Show

Popular American Show Mentions iKON B.i and Zico

iKON B.i. and Zico were mentioned in an episode of NCIS. NCIS, one of the longest running shows in America, mentioned B.i. and Zico in one of their recent episodes. Hayley:...
Black Label

Rumored Trainees Under YG’s The Black Label

Is Teddy's "The Black Label," planning to release their own girl group soon? YG Entertainment's subsidiary label, The Black Label, has just started releasing songs. The company is now gaining...

Indonesian Rapper Sexually Harasses BLACKPINK LISA

After receiving several death threats, an Indonesian rapper insulted Blackpink Lisa on YouTube.   BLACKPINK Lisa's fans appeal to Yang Hyun Suk to protect Lisa at all cost from this Indonesian...

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Chinese Trainees

YG’s Rumored Chinese Trainees Perform An Original Song On A Live Competition

YG Entertainment's rumored Chinese trainees, Jane and Vicky, performed live with an original song on 'Youth With You' to avoid copyright fees. Jane and Vicky...
Kpop Groups

Top 3 Underrated but AMAZING K-pop Groups You Need To Hear Today

Are you looking for a new group to stan outside the mainstream K-pop groups that K-pop fans are stanning today? Check out this five...

BIGBANG Renews Contract With YG Entertainment

After living under YG Entertainment for more than 15 years, BIGBANG officially renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment. More powerful and catchy songs will surely...