Cook Korean Ramen

9 Easy & Different Styles To Cook Instant Korean Ramen

Don't get stuck of that one way in cooking the most popular instant ramen in Asia, the Korean ramens. Do you know that there are a lot of ways for...
Korean Breakfast

4 Easy-To-Cook Korean Breakasts You Should Try At Home!

Craving for a Korean breakfast? It's fast and easy! If you're tired of your usual local breakfast, why don't you try preparing Korean breakfasts that will only take you less...
iKON Inception

Ateez, Stray Kids, BTOB, and more React To iKON’s ‘Inception’ Cover on Kingdom

iKON just covered Ateez's original song "Inception" and other K-pop groups like Ateez, Stray Kids, BTOB, and more couldn't stop fanboying over iKON! In the recent episode of Kingdom, iKON...

[VIDEO] iKON Performs NEW Version of Love Scenario

iKON releases new version of Love Scenario on Kingdom's episode two and everyone is loving it! Korea's theme song in 2018, Love Scenario, just got a revamped and everyone is...

BigBang’s Taeyang Shares He’s One of the Big fans of “Penthouse”

Taeyang posted on social media of SBS drama series “Penthouse”! Recently, Taeyang posted a video clip on Instagram a bird's crying with a question, “What kind of bird makes this...

TREASURE’s Web Drama “It’s Okay, That’s Friendship” Hits 2 million views in Just a...

Another achievement for TREASURE! TREASURE’s agency YG Entertainment stated, the group's “Treasure Map Season 2- drama parody “It's Okay, That's Friendship” quickly reached 2 million views in just three days....

YG Entertainment’s ‘Mr.Queen’ Receives Massive Backlash From K-netz?

Is YG Entertainment under attack once again after their massive hit Korean drama "Mr. Queen" receives accusations for allegedly distorting Korea's history? Despite putting disclaimers before the show starts, YG...

YG Entertainment’s Baby Monster, Guess Who?

Previously, YG has stated in the past that he wants a girl group with the style of TWICE and Girls' Generation. It is likely that this group will follow the...

YG’s New 5-Member Girl Group ‘Baby Monsters’

YG Entertainment's new girl group were seen outside YG's new building. Previously, fans became ecstatic to hear the news about YG's upcoming girl group named 'Baby Monsters' as a YG...

iKON Jinhwan Sings Filipino Song ‘Dahil Sayo’ with Sandara Park

iKON Jinhwan serenades Filipino fans with his cover of the famous Filipino song "Dahil Sayo." Sandara Park surprised everyone when she dropped a music video on her YouTube channel, showing...

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Twice Taste of Love

JYP Releases Teaser For Twice’s ‘Taste of Love’ Comeback

Twice is coming back with a new album called "Taste of Love." Twice will be giving everyone a new kind of song for their comeback...
Blackpink Rose

Blackpink’s Rose Becomes an Ambassador for Tiffany & Co.

Blackpink members continue to dominate the fashion world as Rose became the newest ambassador of Tiffany & Co. After the extremely massive billboard of Blackpink...

B.I. Releases Many Teasers For His Grand Comeback After Leaving iKON!!

B.I. is finally coming back with new songs after years of hiatus! B.I. just released teasers for his upcoming new album and people are loving...