Welcome To Waikiki

‘Welcome To Waikiki’ Season 2 Will Start Airing Tonight!

"Welcome to Waikiki" Season 2 is officially coming soon with new casts! After the huge success of "Welcome to Waikiki" in 2018, the season 2 will start airing tonight. Though some...

SNSD Taeyeon Caused a 3-Way Car Accident

Accident took place 2 days ago SNSD leader Taeyeon caused a 3-way car accident in Gangnam. Her Mercedes-Benz collided against a K5 taxi and an Audi. The driver of the two...
Thai Actors

Handsome Popular Thai Actors Reveal Obsession With BLACPINK’s Jennie

The handsome actors of popular Thai drama "2gether," Bright & Win, reveal that they're crazy about Blackpink Jennie. While everyone is getting crazy with Bright & Win for their viral...

Wanna One Debuts With ‘Energetic’

'Nation's boy group' Wanna One Produce 101 season 2 ended a few months ago, but the 11 finalists didn't debut until yesterday. The group, Wanna One, officially started their two-year...
New Girl Group

JYP Announces Debut Of A New Girl Group

JYP is planning to introduce a new girl group.   Japanese is planning to debut a Japanese girl group that is just like Twice. JYP has always been planning to expand in...
Bang Yedam

Treasure’s Bang Yedam To Have Solo Debut Before Treasure’s Group Debut

Before the official debut of Treasure, Bang Yedam is set to debut as a solo YG artist first! After years of being trained under YG Entertainment and enduring all obstacles...

TVXQ Will Return on March 28th!

K-Pop legends are back! One of the longest-running, most successful K-Pop male groups in the industry, TVXQ will make a grand return within a few weeks! They will return with a...

Best Ulzzang Makeup Tips

Makeup is extremely important for an ulzzang! While it is true that most ulzzangs are really outstanding visually (meaning they are handsome or beautiful), ulzzangs still rely on the power of makeup most...

BTS releases behind the scenes on Knowing Brothers

JTBC released the backstage clip of BTS on their guesting for "Knowing Brothers". BTS is the guest on the upcoming episode of "Knowing Brothers" and to teaser all the...
Dating Scandal

YG Responds To Bigbang’s New Dating Scandal

Finally, Bigbang's maknae is getting a dating scandal now!   After Taeyang and Min Hyorin's wedding, Seungri got inspired and asked Taeyang to set him up with one of Min Hyorin's...

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GOT7 Leaves JYP Entertainment

GOT7 members officially left JYP Entertainment. Previously, it was reported that GOT7 boy’s contract is over on January 19th and would not be renewing their...

Treasure’s First Full Album Ranks No.1 in Korea & Japan

TREASURE’s official debut album has topped the No. 1 on Album Sales in Korea that was expected to have reached 1 million sales. YG’s TREASURE...

Treasure Drops Powerful Song ‘My Treasure’

TREASURE gives positive vibes for their latest comeback song, “MY TREASURE.” On January 11 KST, the YG Entertainment rookie released their 1st full-length album 'The...