Korean Beauty Tip: Make Your Makeup Stay Longer

Melting makeup?! The peak of this year's summer is just around the corner. While we do love summer, putting makeup on humid, hot weather can be less than fun. And it's definitely...

BLACKPINK Jennie Turns One Salty Hater Into A Huge Fan

Blackpink Jennie is changing the hearts of Blackpink's haters into a huge Blackpink fan.   Recently, a Blackpink hater just turned into a huge Blackpink fan when Jennie gave her an...
Blackpink Rosé

Blackpink Rosé Promotes Another K-pop Idol’s Debut

Who would've thought that Blackpink Rosé and one of Ladies Code's members are close with each other!   Recently, Blackpink's Rosé posted on her Instagram story the comeback of Ladies Code's Ashley.  Ashley...
iKON Bobby

iKON’s Bobby Surprises Fans On Fans’ KakaoTalk Group Chat!

iKONICS received a huge surprise from iKON's Bobby as the YG artist joined his fans KakaoTalk group chat! iKON Bobby showed his amazing fan service again when he interacted directly...
iKON Fans

iKON’s Fans Receive Biggest Valentine Surprise From iKON

iKON just revealed a huge Valentine surprise for iKONICS and most iKONICS don't know about it yet! Valentine's day was long overdue but for iKON's fandom, everyday feels like Valentine's...
SM Entertainment

Senior SM Entertainment Artist Wants To Collab With Blackpink Rosé

K-pop fans were excited when rumors spread about an SM Entertainment artist requested to their CEO to collab with YG Entertainment's Blackpink Rosé. The power of Blackpink Rosé has reached...

BTS Jungkook and Roy Kim cover each other’s songs

On March 14, BTS member Jungkook surprised ARMYs (BTS fandom) with a cover of Roy Kim's latest track entitled "Only Then". March 14 is a special day in Korea called...

BTS is sick of “Fake Love” in new MV!

BTS is finally back! After the long wait, BTS is back bolder and fiercer with their new title track "Fake Love". The music video and tracks were released at exactly PM,...
2ne1 Members

2ne1 Members Rumored To Drop New Songs

Are 2ne1 members coming to your area?   It looks like 2ne1's comeback performance is going to be different from what everyone's expectations. After 2ne1's disbandment, people were disappointed not being able...

Jennie Wins #1 In Inkigayo, Beats Twice & BTOB

Jennie reigns as she won #1 in Inkigayo.   Jennie has proven that YG Entertainment is indeed the home of legends as she won #1 in Inkigayo with an insane gap...

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YG’s Staff Screams for Help As Treasure INSANELY MOBBED BY Koreans Fans in the...

Treasure arrived at Incheon Airport today and was greeted crazily by Korean fans!  YG Entertainment's staff was seen screaming for help and telling Korean fans...
Blackpink Jennie Hairstyle

Blackpink Jennie Starts Newest Hair Trend in K-pop

Braided hairstyle becoming a trendy hairstyle nowadays in K-pop? Thanks to Blackpink Jennie! From hairclips to two-toned hair, Blackpink Jennie is setting a new trend...
Blackpink Pink Venom Live

Blackpink’s First-ever ‘Pink Venom’ Live Performance in VMA 2022

Blackpink performed "Pink Venom" live for the first time in New York for VMA 2022. Blackpink has officially performed their first-ever live performance of "Pink...