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Conditions of participation – Ulzza.com

These conditions of participation apply for both the usage of the website and of the mobile version of Ulzza.com, including all subdomains. Operator of the website is Ulzza.com, Rautistrasse 111, 8046 Zurich, subsequently named “Ulzzangstyle.”

1. General remarks

1. You are at least 16 years old.
2. You alone are solely responsible for the contents that are uploaded on the website through you. You release Ulzzangstyle from all claims by third parties regarding this matter.
3. You accept that the website may contain personally undesirable contents.
4. When using the website, you especially have to follow all laws and regulations of the country, in which you reside. Uploading illegal contents or contents, which are illegitimate according to these terms of use, is prohibited.
5. You alone are solely responsible for the information that you disclose to other users of the messaging service on Ulzzangstyle. Above all else, do not give out contact information or other private data in publicly accessible areas of the website, if you do not want other users to see them.
6. Please keep your password secret and do not share it with third parties.
7. Register on Ulzzangstyle with your real name. Use your pseudonym for the area “Pseudonym” on Ulzzangstyle.
8. Other member on Ulzzangstyle must not be misled or harassed by you.
9. You are obliged to follow the rules of the copyright regulations.

2. Valid and invalid contents

1. Ulzzangstyle places great value on maintaining the website as a safe and friendly place of mutual respect for all users. To ensure this, it is prohibited to insult other users, make obscene or otherwise bothering statements, or to upload or spread pornographic and other material that is liable to have an undesirable influence on the moral development of young people. Furthermore, it is prohibited to upload or spread racist contents or contents, which glorify violence. This also counts for contents that are meant to motivate people to participate in terrorist activities or other criminal and illegal acts or support such acts in any way.
2. Do not use this website to advertise for professional offers, as long as this  does not occur as part of the usage of Ulzzangstyle (e.g. as a Vendor).

3. Regarding copyrights and other trade mark rights

1. To protect copyrights and other mental or commercial ownership rights, Ulzzangstyle points out that every utilization of contents, which infringes the rights of third parties, is prohibited.
2. All content, other than the user content, such as texts, representations, user interfaces, brands, logos, sounds, as well as designs, belong to Ulzzangstyle or the respective owner and are protected by law.
3. No area of the website (including all content) is allowed to be depicted or reproduced on other servers, websites, or other medias that are meant for publishing and spreading materials, without Ulzzangstyle’s permit.

4. Other rights of Ulzzangstyle

Ulzzangstyle further reserves itself the following rights:
1. Ulzzangstyle is allowed to send you messages to inform you about news and updates of the website.
2. Ulzzangstyle reserves the right, to change, extend, or reduce these terms of service (AGB) at any time. The changed terms of service become effective at the time of their publication. If you do not agree with the changes, we ask you to delete your profile.
3. Ulzzangstyle reserves the right, to change or delete contents that have been uploaded by its users, especially if those are in violation of the law or these terms of service or if they lead to harm for Ulzzangstyle or third parties. We reserve the right, to exclude users and to delete their uploaded contents as well as their profiles, especially if they violate the terms of service.
4. Ulzzangstyle reserves the right, to report every evidence of illegal activities of individual users, as well as suspicious contents to the authorities, while preserving the copyright regulations.
5. Ulzzangstyle has the right, to put photos and – anonymized – other contents that users have created on publicly accessible areas of the website.

5. Responsibility and disclaimer of liability

1. Ulzzangstyle as the host provider does not have any possibility to control the validity, authenticity, or legitimacy of the contents that its users upload to the website beforehand. The contents of this website are thereby provided without guarantee or responsibility to the validity, authenticity, or legitimacy of their details. Ulzzangstyle asks you to immediately report misuses on the website at kawaii@ulzzangstyle.com.
2. As far as it is legal, Ulzzangstyle is not liable. Above all else, Ulzzangstyle does not guarantee that the website is available at all times.


1. Changes to these terms of service and copyright regulations.
Ulzzangstyle reserves the right, to change these terms of service and copyright regulations at any time. If Ulzzangstyle makes essential alterations, it will inform the users or members about these changes on its website (blog entry and/or email). The current terms of service and copyright regulations can be viewed on the website ulzzangstyle.com at any time.
2. Applicable law
These terms of service and copyright regulations as well as the whole legal relationship between user and Ulzzangstyle are liable to the Swiss law.
The place of jurisdiction for every dispute that results directly or indirectly from the contractual relationships and these terms of service and copyright regulations is Zurich.

Effective: January 2015

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