Why do Koreans love drinking?

If you’re an avid fan of Korean dramas or K-Pop, then you must have noticed how often drinking is brought up in interviews or shown as a scene of a drama. In fact, consuming alcohol is a major part of most Koreans’ daily lives. This is perhaps due to the long-running tradition held by the families. Fathers would even take their children out for a drink once they’re deemed old enough so that they can ‘practice’ drinking. Once they start working, gathering after work for a drink is often mandatory.

Drinking etiquette

If you’re planning to visit South Korea or grabbing a drink with your Korean friends, here are some drinking etiquettes you might want to jot down:

  1. Don’t pour yourself a glass – the most senior person would do that. Also, when offered, be sure to accept the pour holding your glass with two hands rather than holding your class with just one.
  2. Don’t reject the first drink poured for you.
  3. Fill your senior’s glass when it’s empty
  4. Never fill the glass if it is partially filled

Photo credit: themodchef on YouTube

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