Powerful singers

Top 5 K-pop’s Powerful Live Singers Today

Who has the Top Powerful Vocals in the K-pop industry?  Despite their stunning looks, Korean pop singers also possess powerful live vocals that are to unbelievable for everyone's ears to...
Blackpink Rose

Ariana Grande Shows Sweet Love For Blackpink Rose

Ariana Grande is showing more love for Blackpink Rose.  Two of the sensational global artists show adoration towards each other when Ariana Grande gave Blackpink Rose a bottle of the "7...
Super Junior

Super Junior Kyuhyun Reveals Blackpink Member As His Ideal Type

Super Junior Kyuhyun is now ready for love and has revealed his ideal type on national television. Super Junior Kyuhyun recently appeared on the May 30 episode of Section TV. He...
Lee Hi

Lee Hi Releases New HOT Collab Song With iKON B.I.

Lee Hi is finally back after more than a long-year hiatus, reveals a collab song with iKON B.I.. Lee Hi made a successful comeback ranking #1 in most Korean music...
Korean Media

Korean Media Accuses YG Entertainment of Offering Prostitution Services

After spreading false accusations against Seungri, Korean media throws another long episode of accusations against YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk. MBC's show "Straight" accuses Yang Hyun Suk on national television...
K-Pop Idol

Popular K-Pop Idol Rescued From Suicide Attempt

Goo Hara, former member of Kara, was rescued after a suicide attempt inside her home. Just nights ago, Goo Hara posted a cryptic post on her official Instagram account saying...
K-Pop Songs

Top 5 Saddest K-Pop Songs That Everyone Should Know

These are the top five saddest K-pop songs that every K-pop fan should have heard for once in their lifetime. 1. iKON- I'M OK  Silence means "please be happy" Tears mean "I...

Blackpink Dominates YouTube, Creates New Record

Blackpink is indeed dominating YouTube as they continue to achieve new milestones that no other K-pop group has ever achieved before. After the massive success of Kill This Love and...
Lee Hi 24 Degrees

Lee Hi Reveals Teaser for Comeback Date and S9ng

Lee Hi just dropped her official comeback song "24 Degrees." Lee Hi just released more teasers for her comeback. Lee Hi is set to release her new song "24 Degrees" on...

Lee Hi Drops Official Comeback Teasers

Lee Hi is finally coming back! After dropping her "High Fever" teaser,Lee Hi is finally coming back with new songs. Lee Hi's comeback is one of the long-awaited comebacks in years. Lee...

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Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun Reveals Most Painful Letter About Her Divorce With Ahn Jae Hyun

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Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel & Twice’s Jihyo Are Officially Dating

We have the newest couple in K-pop, Kang Daniel and Twice's Jihyo. Dispatch just unveiled another secret couple in the K-pop industry that surprised a...
Winner Jinwoo

YG Entertainment Announces Winner Jinwoo’s Solo Debut

Winner's Jinwoo /Jinu will officially start his solo debut! After Winner's Kang Seungyoon and Mino, Jinu will be the third member of Winner who will...