Korean skin care routine has been very popular among women all over the world and even though it sounds a bit extreme to some, it is really simple but may involve more products than most daily routines. It still includes the usual cleansing, exfoliating, and intensive moisturizing. While most of us start when we see our first wrinkle, most Koreans start early to prevent wrinkles from showing. Here’s a step by step guide on Korean skin care:

Step 1: Always remove your makeup, especially mascara and long-lasting lipstick using a gentle makeup remover.


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Step 2: Use an oil cleanser to further cleanse any makeup residue left and massage it on your face as it is believed to increase circulation which helps you achieve a brighter skin.

Step 3: Korean women don’t exfoliate their skin too much and they just concentrate on the T-zone where blackheads often show up. Stay with natural products as much as possible to avoid those with too much chemical in it.

Step 4: Refreshers are used to tone the skin and wipe off any residue left from cleansers. You might feel like using a cleanser is enough but don’t be surprised to see some dirt in the cotton pad. It will help restore your skin’s natural pH balance as well.

Step 5: Essence is said to be the most important part of a Korean skincare, which speeds up cell turnover rate and in turn makes skin brighter and smoother.


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Step 6: Ampoules, also known as boosters and serums in some places, are more concentrated than essences and can smoothen fine lines, lighten sunspots and brighten the skin.

Step 7: Masks, mainly sheet masks, are used twice a week or more if your face is dry. When you see how plump you skin is after one use, you’ll be addicted to the sudden effects of sheet masks.

Step 8: Another important step in Korean skin care is to apply an eye cream. We all know why this is important, because the eye area is sensitive and wrinkles in the eye area is that last thing we want to see!

Step 9: Time to moisturize! And if you haven’t gotten the idea, intensive moisturizing is the key to a beautiful skin. Apply a moisturizer gently so it can be absorbed in your skin properly.

Step 10: Last but not the least, it’s time to end the skin care with a good night cream. And by the time you look at the mirror now, you have achieved the famous Korean moist glow!


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