Suzy New Drama

Suzy is coming back with new drama, Doona!, once again proving her timeless visual! 

In Suzy‘s first-ever Netflix drama, Doona!, she will play the role of an idol star who will leave everything for an ordinary life.

Suzy was looking glamorous, bedazzled in jewels, just like K-pop idols nowadays. Fans were amazed to see Suzy in jewelries which was rarely seen back in the days when she was still an idol.

Suzy in Doona!.
Top row: Rian, Suzy, unnamed actress. Bottom row: Simeez, Go Ah Sung. | Netflix

Check out netizens’ comments below!

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Wow, everyone looks insane, I don’t even need to say it. Ah Sung is crazy.
  • I’m seeing idol Suzy.
  • Oh, Rian and Simeez.
  • I love it…
  • I can’t see anyone but Suzy.
  • ?? Huh? What’s this combination? Go Ah Sung is in Doona! too?
  • Kyaaa, it’s great to see Simeez and Rian as idols like this.
  • What’s up with Ah Sung? She suits it.


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