Lee Do Hyun Dating

After Dispatch leaked photos of Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon’s secret relationship, both agencies of the artists have confirmed their relationship.

On April 1, an exclusive report from Dispatch has surprised The Glory fans leaking photos of Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun’s private multiple dates over the past months.

Dispatch released photos of the two artists where the couple made a snowman together and took pictures with their snowman in front of Lee Do Hyun’s apartment. The day after, the two were seen on a date again as Lee Do Hyun was spotted bringing coffee for Lim Ji Yeon.

Despite Lee Do Hyun’s busy schedule, shooting a drama and a movie at the same time, Lee Do Hyun was still able to attend the team dinner for The Glory and was later on picked up by Lim Ji Yeon’s manager and drove to Lim Ji Yeon’s home.

On White Day, a popular day in Korea where males gift females with chocolates, the couple were also spotted enjoying a chocolate date.

Both agencies have formally confirmed the relationship of the two artists. Congratulations Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon!

Lee Do Hyun Dating Lee Do Hyun Dating Lee Do Hyun Dating Lee Do Hyun Dating Lee Do Hyun Dating

Source: Soompi , Dispatch , and Newsen


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