Is G-Dragon really getting married soon? Fans couldn’t help but speculate after G-dragon bought a new home worth almost $8,000,000/₩9 Billion.

When fans discovered G-dragon’s newly bought ₩9 billion penthouse, fans are now speculating that G-dragon is planning to get this year.

In Korean culture, men in 30’s usually buy a new home as preparation for their soon-to-be family.

Also, G-dragon’s new home is in the same neighborhood where Bigbang Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin live.

In Bigbang’s 2017 Welcoming Collection, G-dragon wrote a letter for his 2021-self where the superstar congratulated his self for his wedding and for having his new born baby.

Now that we are just months away from 2021, do you think G-dragon is already preparing for marriage soon just like how he wanted it in 2017?

And the biggest question is, who is G-dragon’s soon-to-be wife?

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