G-dragon, the King of K-pop, has again bought his 6th home that’s worth more than billions!

G-dragon has again bought another billion-worth of property in Korea, this time it is in Hannam-dong— the home of executives and elite businessmen in Korea.

G-dragon’s new home is in the newly built NINE ONE HANNAM where each house has a private elevator and terrace. This luxurious residence has recorded the highest pre-sales prices in Korea.

It was revealed that the house is worth ₩9 billion (7,313,510 USD).

G-dragon already owns 6 houses, which is known to the public, that cost more than millions of US dollars/ billions of Korean won.

The most expensive home that G-dragon owns is probably the March Rabbit in Cheongdang-dong in Seoul that costs more than 9 Million US dollars.

But that is still debatable as G-dragon also owns a luxurious property in Jeju Island— one of the most popular tourist places in Korea.

G-dragon also gifted his parents a Villa that is worth million of US dollars.

Bigbang Taeyang and TOP also live in the neighborhood of Hannam-dong which means that it will be faster and easier for the Bigbang members to meet whenever they miss each other.

Here are snippets of G-dragon’s new home:


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