G-dragon surprised everyone with a photo of five Bigbang members on Instagram.

G-dragon is not taking any crap from anyone who tries to destroy Bigbang as a five-member-group when he posted on Instagram a painting of Bigbang members being displayed inside his luxurious home.

It’s been known to all K-pop fans that when four of Bigbang members were serving military, Seungri received a lot of accusations which was later on cleared due to whistleblower’s misinformation and lack of evidence and consistency. Unfortunately, the damage has been done already.

Seungri’s name was used by the media for the Kakao chats when it was later on reported that it was JJY’s Kakao chats which JJY confirmed. Unfortunately, Seungri’s name was used as he is the biggest personality among all the Kakao chatrooms.

After thorough investigations and making sure that no bribery has been involved on the results by creating an Anti-Corruption Team to focus on this case, it was later revealed by the court that Seungri was only present in the business chatrooms. The members of Anti-Corruption Team has been changed twice to avoid occurrence of corruption on this case.

Now that four members of Bigbang are back from the military, people are waiting for Bigbang’s reaction about Seungri leaving YG Entertainment.

And G-dragon finally gave them a hint.

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