2PM members Taecyeon and Jun. K were spotted dining together!

Taecyeon is currently on hiatus as a celebrity for he is serving as an active duty in the military. But he got a day off and he met up with member Jun.K to have a meal.

On November 25, Jun.K shared a photo of him with Taecyeon and captioned it with “Our Taecyeon’s first vacation!”.

In the photo, Taecyeon was still wearing his uniform. He is currently a private and military instruction assistant and got that promotion this month.

Taecyeon enlisted last September. He was actually a permanent resident in the United States but we decided to gave that up in order to serve in the Korean military.

Taecyeon also had a reunion with other 2PM members when they went to the ceremony of his miliarty training completion.

Meanwhile, Jun.K is set to release his solo comeback on November 27.

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