Having the same look over and over again can be quite boring, so thanks to makeup, we can change our look in an instant! Makeup plays a huge part in achieving the best Ulzzang look. If you have heard about this trend and want to try it, lucky you we’re giving the four basic steps to look your best (in Ulzzang look that is!).

Like all other makeup tutorials, you always want to start with a clean face. The key is to look as natural as possible so instead of using a foundation, BB Creams work just as well, plus it has great benefits for your skin as well. CC and DD creams are available in the market too but you have to choose which cream is the best for you and the type of coverage you want. Most ulzzang fans have really fair skin but even if your skin is darker, you can still pull off this look. A flawless face is what we’re after for so no matter what skintone you have, you can definitely pull this off!


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One thing that’s very noticeable with Ulzzang look is the big circle eyes most of them have. And that’s because it is what Ulzzang literally means! There are lots of circle lens available in different stores today so if you need one, go buy a pair in Ulzzang Style. Going back to the steps, wear a circle contact lens and false eyelashes if you must. Swipe some highlighter or white eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up your look!


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Gradient lips is another thing that’s trending in Ulzzang style! Peachy and nude shades is a great color to start with. Dab some on the outer corner of your lips. Then carefully add a hint of red or any dark hues in the inside part of your lips. Top it off with a nice lipgloss and you’re all set!


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These steps are basic only which is perfect for busy people who don’t have enough time to put on makeup especially in the mornings! Now the only thing you need is a perfect smile!

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