The subtle South Korean style, which is popularly known as “Ulzzang” has been adopted by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. More and more people embrace this trend which literally means “best face” in Korean and although the main thing about this hype is having small milky white complexion, small lips and large eyes, most Ulzzang fanatics wear a certain type of style. Women are nto the only ones who follow this trend but even men as well. If you’re looking for ways on how to dress like an Ulzzang, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are  four key pieces you need to look like one:


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1. Wear tight or skinny jeans. Both men and women wear skinny jeans nowadays so it wouldn’t be that hard to find a style and color that suits you and your body shape. Find the right fit that you’re comfortable with and don’t be afraid to try on different colors. If you’ve never worn purple pants, maybe it’s time that you do! You never know what looks good on you until you try them.


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2. T-shirts are another Ulzzang clothing basic especially those with loud prints. Visual puns, cartoon characters and unique artistic prints are the most popular styles to wear to achieve an Ulzzang look. If you want something a bit more on the unusual side, go for hand-made prints or you can make your own by stamping or sewing a huge print on the middle of a plain shirt. Be creative when it comes to t-shirt prints!


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3. If you haven’t noticed, most Ulzzang enthusiasts wear oversized sweaters over skinny jeans or tights. If you’re undecided about which sweater to buy, go for V-necks, bright or neon-colored ones and like shirts, go for sweaters with loud prints. This style comes in handy during cold days especially during the winter months. Sweaters with hoodies looks absolutely fantastic as well, just make sure they’re flashy or with prints!


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4. Matching color and style of clothes and accessories with your partner is another aspect of Ulzzang culture. Couples, Best friends and even siblings usually wear matchy outfits. If you’re planning to join the Ulzzang community or just try the trend for a change, pick a theme that you can easily wear and try it. If you’re not keen on wearing identical clothes, go for different colors in different palette. Complimentary pieces such as matching heart necklaces or colored watches are an added plus to your overall outfit.


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These are easy ways you can do to dress like an Ulzzang, just remember these three things, always choose the brighter clothes, go for unusual loud prints and be creative!

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