The love month may have ended but I thought I would write about the beauty of moving on. Imagine being in a relationship for quite some time then suddenly waking up with a throbbing reality that the person you ought to spend the rest of your life is gone. Tragic, right? What would you do? My say is to take it all in. Feel it, devour it, and let the pain penetrate the very core of your being. Why? Because it is when you honestly take the pain and accept it that you begin to realize the purpose wrapped inside this precious emotion. Below I listed 5 things you should consider about pain and how it could help you cope up with a breakup or a loss.

Pain is an antidote to pain

You got it right. It is that same pain that remedies the injury. Just imagine what lack of pain can do to our lives. Yes, it’s hard to be hurt, but it’s harder to be numbed. It is scary not to feel anything at all, or simply not care about anything. The act of acknowledging and accepting pain will allow it to serve its purpose- the purpose to heal you.

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Pain is a teacher

Pain teaches us to strive to survive. The fact that it hurts pushes us to speed up the grieving process. Who would want to stagnate herself in grief, by the way? Pain stretches our capacity to tolerate future aches. It’s like having a vaccine where you get to be resistant or gain immunity to a certain strain. Pain will make us stronger.

Pain opens our heart to understand

When we experienced pain first hand, it allows us to understand what others feel as well when they battle a break up or struggle to move on. It opens our hearts to bigger things. Our eyes are being opened to see the efforts of those people who loved and stayed with us during the tough moments of our lives.

Pain teaches us to love more

Life always finds a way to surprise you. Heartaches and break ups most of the time get you off-guard. When you fall in love, you expect so much that it will be forever that you actually begin to believe it will be. Sadly, it usually isn’t. Most people don’t end up with the first person they fall in love with not simply because they were too young or the time isn’t right, but because their first love usually isn’t the right love. The pain of falling with the wrong person teaches us be critical in finding that genuine love in the future.

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Pain opens up new doors and better relationship

Pain is a driving force to better oneself. When you get down and dirty with negative emotions, the good things will manifest later. Why? Because when you reach the bottom, there’s no more way than up. During dark times, even the slightest light will glow and give hope- enough to keep you going and take a leap of faith.

Embrace pain. Let it serve its purpose. Let it stay for as long as it’s needed. When you’re ready, get up and start a new beginning.

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