As expected of 2PM’s loyalty!

Five out of the six members of 2PM renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment.

On January 31, their agency confirmed the news that Chansung, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Jun.K and Junho all renewed their contracts. Member Taecyeon who’s serving in the military hasn’t renewed yet.

JYP Entertainment shared, “The 5 members wanted 2PM to be together always. The members are also confirmed to follow Taecyeon on enlisting one after the other. The group stated that after everyone completed their military service, 2PM will be back and will promote as a whole.”

Due to Taecyeon’s mandatory service, he hasn’t re-signed with the company and the agency plans to discuss his renewal after his service.

In 2015, 2PM also decided to renew their contracts to JYP for 3 year more (2018) and early this year, Wooyoung already announced that he has renewed his contract with JYP Entertainment.

Do you think Taecyeon will also renew his contract?

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