Everyone has different standards of beauty and yes it’s quite impossible to please all of them. However, something global is to always look presentable. Meaning, you can be anywhere in the world yet still fit in with everybody’s perception of beauty.

Here are the tips you should know on how to look pretty. But bear in mind though that you should be pretty ‘your’ way. I hope you find this article very helpful.

Tip #1 Be Hygienic

Being pretty comes hand in hand with being hygienic. Take good care of your body so it won’t betray you. Take the best care products that are compatible with your skin. Helping your skin look radiant and healthy will boost your confidence, making you feel prettier. Get rid of unfavourable smell from sweat by choosing good bath soap and deo. Also, you have to maintain your oral health. Brush your teeth, keep your breath fresh, and do regular visits with your dentist.

Tip #2 Have Enough Sleep

Sleeping does a lot of good things to your physical body. You don’t just feel recharge after a good night sleep, but it also one of the reasons for fewer wrinkles. Skin makes new collagen when you sleep, which prevents sagging. Sleeping well say eight to ten hours boosts blood flow to skin causing a glowing complexion. So, don’t ever deprive yourself of sleep or you’ll be sorry.

Tip #3 Moisturize!!!

If it’s not possible to sleep longer because you’ve got a very demanding job or career, worry less because there’s a solution to that. Make it a habit to apply moisturizer to your face so it won’t dry up easily. Moisturizer is like an all-in-one product that evens out skin tone while hydrating skin. People with dry skin may need to moisturize more often than individuals with oily skin. Moisturizers do much more than simply hydrating skin. It also adds essential vitamins and nutrients to the skin and augments its function well.

Tip #4 Do not overdo your Makeup!

Wearing makeup is a great way to emphasize your facial features, hides unwanted blemishes, and creates a perfect complexion—just don’t overdo it. Ever heard people saying you look beautiful even without makeup? This is actually true. Minimal makeup will augment your natural beauty. Too much colour you put on your face will ruin the intention of looking great. We use makeup to enhance our look, rather than create it. Try google or youtube for tips and videos on how to apply light makeup and master the art of ‘no-makeup-look’.

Tip #5 Dress-Up Accordingly

We don’t just look at the face when we say you are pretty. Aside from your smooth skin, perfect makeup, and sweet smell; we also consider your outfit-of-the-day (OOTD). Dressing well and appropriately makes a good impression. It will also give you confidence. Isn’t it awesome to walk down the street in an outfit that catches people’s attention in a positive way? Remember when you look good, people notice and nothing gives you that satisfactory feeling like being complimented on your style.

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