A simple and long-lasting makeup is exactly what we need this season. But when it’s hot and humid, the last thing we want to have is melting makeup. The key to looking beautiful even in in a hot weather is to keep everything light. But when it comes to our lashes, the same rule apply all-year round, they should be always luscious! Here are five tips on how to have luscious lashes!

1. Eyelash curler is your best friend! This is a makeup tool every girl should own. Most makeup artists swears in the power of a great eyelash curler. Always go for the eyelash culer that creates a beautiful upward curl. Remember to curl your lashes before applying mascara.

2. To get the most out of your mascara, let your lashes set before adding another coat of mascara. One of our favorite is the Concept Eyes Variety Moving Mascara from Ulzzang Style. 3 Concept Eyes Variety Moving Mascara gives you amazingly lush, voluminous sky-high lashes using a special dual-polymer technology. First, the soft-setting polymer coats and separates each individual lash without clumping. Then, the hard-setting polymer locks the curl in place and dries to a smudge-free, oil-resistant finish. Say hello to Minnie-Mouse lashes and goodbye to panda eyes with 3CE Variety Moving Mascara!


3. Clumping lashes? use a lash comb! This might be a small tool but it can work wonders when you use it on your lashes. You can use a lash comb between coats of mascara for a quick brush and avoid clumps!

4. There are different mascara wands you can use but mixing mascara formulas should be avoided. If you want to use different mascara wands, make sure to clean them well before using your favorite formula of mascara. Then use a lash comb to separate the hair and apply another coat when it has set.

5. Like our skin and hair, lashes need some pampering too. Use a good eyelash conditioner or lash growth serum that helps stimulate lash growth that will make it longer and thicker. There are also plumping serums that you can use as primers before applying a mascara.


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