One of the most important things in every Ulzzang follower is having a beautiful face and it’s not really about how you look but your overall appearance. It doesn’t matter if you wear the most expensive makeup in the market, if you don’t have a flawless skin, it will hinder you from achieving a great ulzzang look.

If you experience breakouts here and there, don’t worry! Not all people are blessed with a flawless skin, the good news is, everyone can do something to have a great skin. Here are six must-do skincare tips to start doing today!

1. Remove eye makeup gently. Makeup clogs your pores and sometimes, it’s the reason why your skin breaks out. Not properly removed eye makeup can cause nasty eye infections and we don’t want that to happen. Use a gentle makeup remover and wipe your eye area until there’s no more traces of makeup.


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2. Drink lots of water. We might have heard this tip a million times before but some people still ignore it. Drinking at least 2 liters of water everyday can make a difference. Avoid dehydration as much as possible because it doesn’t just put your health in danger but your skin would be drying out and flaky.

3. Get enough sleep. Our cells regenerate while we sleep and if you get enough sleep, the appearance of your skin will look healthy and young. Sleeplessness and stress will lead to unwanted breakouts and undereye circles.


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4. Use face masks weekly. There are lots of face masks available in the market and it really doesn’t matter what face mask you use, every kind has awesome benefits for your skin.

5. Drink Green Tea. Green tea has a lot of benefits and it’s not just good for your health, it’s amazing for your skin as well!


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6. Massage your face using face oil. Massaging can help contouring your face and make it sharper. Don’t forget to use a face oil so you can massage freely with gently strokes.

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