Are you a new iKON fan? Then it’s time to get know more information about iKON’s hardworking leader.


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This 2018, iKON gained a lot of fans after their “RETURN” comeback. They broke records that no other K-pop group has ever done in the past ten years. A huge credit of iKON’s success goes to B.I. since he takes huge responsibility on almost all activities that iKON have been part of. Even during their pre-debut days, B.I. was already leading the group towards success.

But who really is B.I.? It’s time to get to know B.I., iKON’s hardworking leader!

B.I. or Kim Hanbin in real life, was just around 12 years old when he joined YG Entertainment. He was born on October 22, 1996, in South Korea. His stage name B.I is the short form of “Be I,” which means “to Be Myself.” In 2009, he was featured as a young rapper for MC Mong’s Indian Boy. He also appeared as a cameo on MC Mong’s Horror Show music video.

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Kim Hanbin writes, produces, and partly choreographs iKON songs. He also wrote WINNER’s Empty and made huge contribution on BLACKPINK’s Whistle. Both songs became one of the most successful songs of WINNER and BLACKPINK.

When he was still a YG trainee, at the age of 17, Kim Hanbin joined Show Me The Money 3 where he get to perform his self-composed song “Be I.” Despite still being a trainee at that time, his song “Be I” already ranked no. 5 on Gaon Music Chart.

Kim Hanbin have never had a girlfriend since birth. So, he uses his imagination when writing songs. He loves to sleep in the morning and most of the times awake at night time until dawn. He also prefers using iKON’s VLive CH+ than iKON’s ordinary VLive because there are fewer people on their CH+ channel. On iKON’s VLive CH+, he confidently shows his half naked body and talk to iKON fans about anything under the sun.

Kim Hanbin loves hanging out with his friends inside YG Entertainment’s building. He invites them over inside YG Entertainment and they create songs everytime they hang out together.

Kim Hanbin has three tattoos:

  1. Balloons and Paper Plane

  2. Nihilism

  3. Like Father like son, Like Master like man, for the kingdom of heaven.


Aside from Korean, he can also speak English, Chinese, and Japanese. He has a lovely younger sister who’s name is Hanbyul whom he loves and protects a lot. He may be full of swag and looks so cool on stage, but behind all the cameras, Hanbin is really a sweet and loving brother. Watch this video below:

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