Son Naeun

After 10 years, Apink’s Son Naeun officially left Play M Entertainment.

Son Naeun officially announced on her Instagram account that she’s leaving Play M Entertainment.

“Hello. This is A Pink’s Na-Eun. It’s been already 10 years since I debuted at the age of 18. Looking back, the 18-year-old Son Na-Eun singing ‘I Don’t Know’ was able to grow up to the 28-year-old Son Na-Eun today thanks to much love and support.  And I was able to spend the happiest time of my life with gratitude.

I want to sincerely thank my members, Pandas, Play M family, staff, and so many more for standing by me through all those years. I’m writing to relay what I have decided after a long and thoughtful discussion with the members and the company.

For now, we will be working separately in each of our seats. But whenever we reunite as A Pink, we will present our best selves as a group so please cheer us on for the brighter future! I’m a little worried about starting fresh at a new place, away from my family of 10 years, but I will try hard to become more mature Son Na-Eun! Thank you!

You’re my shining star
I will never waver if you’re there
Stay with me always by my side
You’re my shining star
My feelings for you will never waver
I will be with you always”

It has been rumored that Naeun is set to transfer to YG Entertainment.

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