A must for any ulzzang

Having photo-editing apps is a must for anyone these days, especially ulzzang. Using the right app, you can easily alter your appearance and make you look better in an instant! Photo-editing apps usually also allow you to put on cute filters, for free. Below, we have listed 3 best apps you need to have on your phone right now!

1. Snow

The app originates from South Korea and won’t cost you a single cent to use it. The app is extremely popular, downloaded over 30 million times in Asia alone. You can download countless of filters and stickers for free, and you can even share it with your friends through the app.

2. VSCO Cam

Not limited to selfies, VSCO is a great tool for photography enthusiasts. While it’d cost you some money to unlock all the filters, you can be sure that the effects would be worth it.

3. Perfect365

Rumor says, this is the app the Kardashians are using to edit their selfies (on top of Photoshop). The app allows you to adjust the intensity of each effect using a slider, so you can go for a subtle, non-edited finalized look.

Photo credit: Author via Canva

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