#1 K-pop Group

YG Entertainment continues to dominate the Korean music charts.

Who is the #1 K-pop group right now on music charts?

Billboard Korea officially revealed that iKON is Korea’s chart topper for the first half of 2018.

Indeed, iKON’s comeback was the most successful comeback for the first half of 2018. Aside from the fact that they have created new records and have broken records that no K-pop group has achieved in the past years, iKON’s Love Scenario continues to rank on Korean’s music charts even if it’s already five months since its release. Also, iKON didn’t just dominate the K-pop genre, but iKON dominated the entire Korean music industry in general.

Despite the comebacks of many K-pop groups in the first half of 2018, iKON’s massive success for Love Scenario still remains irreplaceable and unbeatable in the hearts of Korean listeners.

We can’t deny how much YG Entertainment owned the K-pop industry this 2018. Despite all the negative issues that were thrown at the company, YG Entertainment still managed to maintain their legacy in the industry through their songs and music that are being loved by people around the world.

iKON might have a comeback before August. Are you excited to hear their new songs?

To iKON, congratulations! Thank you for giving us amazing songs!

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