MAMA 2019

Blackpink beats MAMA 2019 as Blackpink held their first-day dome tour on same day as MAMA 2019.

Blackpink were spotted riding the same plane with other K-pop artists going to Japan. But this time, Blackpink were going for their Japan Dome Tour while other K-pop artists were preparing for MAMA 2019.

Blackpink proved their massive popularity in Japan when they held a sold out concert at the popular Tokyo Dome with a capacity of 55,000 people on the same day as MAMA 2019 which was held at Nagoya Dome with a capacity of 49,000 people only.

Lisa also trended #1 Worldwide on Twitter for her Señorita performance, topping the most talked-about artist on the night of the two events.

YG Entertainment bravely showed their massive power and influence in the entertainment industry when they didn’t let any YG artist attended MAMA 2019 but instead, they held their own dome tour on the same day as MAMA 2019 and gaining more attendees than the popular year-end award show.

Do you think Blackpink members still need to win an award when they already beat the award show themselves?




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