Blackpink Jennie

YG Entertainment’s visual, Jennie, and SM Entertainment’s visual, Irene, were spotted together in Los Angeles.

When Blackpink arrived at Los Angeles’ airport, fans spotted another K-pop idol with the four members of Blackpink.

Red Velvet’s Irene was spotted with Blackpink and YG Entertainment’s staff.

Fans were surprised to see Blackpink with Red Velvet’s Irene even outside Korea.

Later that day, Blackpink Jennie was spotted having breakfast with Irene inside a restaurant in Los Angeles.

The fans even spotted them cutely arguing who should pay for their bill. It wasn’t an easy battle for Jennie though because Irene really insisted that she should pay the bill.

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Bottomline is, this kind of friendship rarely happens in K-pop and everyone is just happy to witness genuine friendship amidst the competitive music industry of Korea.

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