K-Pop In America

YG Entertainment’s Blackpink just shown America the powerful side of K-pop through their phenomenal live performances at Coachella, American show appearances, and their North American Tour!

Blackpink has been staying in America for more than just a week now and the group has already shown to the west how it is to be global live K-pop performers.

Blackpink successfully shown and proved their unique and individual charms in America as they finished their two-day performances at the most popular music festival in the world, Coachella.

Blackpink made history as they became the first ever Korean female artists to got invited and performed at Coachella.

Despite performing their songs in Korean, thousands of foreigner attendees from around the world screamed their hearts out during Blackpink’s powerful live performance.


According to reports, Blackpink’s live performance was the highlight and the most talked about performance at Coachella.

Almost 80% Coachella related posts on social media were about Blackpink’s mindblowing live performance.


Regardless the age, gender, language, and nationality, Blackpink made everyone enjoy their music as if language barrier never existed.

Blackpink’s Rose said, “…music brought everyone together as one…”

Even the biggest celebrities like Ariana Grande, Jaden Smith, Dua Lipa, Diplo, Harry Styles, DJ Snake, Lany, Kaylee Bryant, Dylan O’Brien, Tyga, Halsey, Rickey Thompson and more showed their appreciation about Blackpink coming to America.

Jaden Smith, Khalid, Diplo, and Nina Dobrev waited for Blackpink after the group’s performance to meet them personally and have a short conversation with them at Coachella.

BLACKPINK Represent K-Pop In America, Take Hollywood By Storm!

While Harry Styles and DJ Snake also attended Blackpink’s first ever concert tour in America.

Video: Jaden Smith hugging Blackpink after Blackpink’s performance at Coachella’s Day two.

Some Blackpink fans also attended the music festival this year and even brought their Blackpink lightstick to show their support.

On Blackpink’s second performance at Coachella, the group performed at the night that the pink moon has appeared on the dark night sky of California. Incredible coincidence, isn’t it?

K-Pop In America

Blackpink were also invited to guest at some radio shows in America and in United Kingdom where they revealed how they became part of YG Entertainment, and how they eventually became Blackpink.

Blackpink also guested at The Late Late Show with James Corden where they performed one of their newest songs, Kill This Love, for the first time on American television show. Blackpink also played “Flinch” which the members truly enjoyed.

Hollywood paparazi started following Blackpink wherever they went which showed the insane popularity that Blackpink has gotten in America in just one week.

It’s safe to conclude that Blackpink has indeed taken America by storm.

Behind their gorgeous looks, Blackpink introduced the powerful side of K-pop everytime they play fiery performance on stage!

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