BLACKPINK Rose posed for the latest edition of Ceci Magazine.

She did a pictorial and interview with the Korean magazine and she also shared her thoughts about her fans.

Rose shared that when she hasn’t debuted yet, she never thought that her signing voice was unique. But after debuting, BLINKs and netizens love her vocals and stated that it is very distinctive.

Rose stated, she was nervous in singing because her position in the group is main vocal, but because fans appreciated and liked her voice, she really felt grateful. Rose even stated that it’s as if she got a special gift.

Rose also revealed her love and appreciation to fans. She stated, “I really want to connect with our fans. I find them very cool for knowing what they really like and how they are vocal in expressing it. I really respect these people. They are those who are knowledgeable in loving and that they have lots of love in them”.

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