BTS has held various live interviews with iHeartRadio, and one specific member had taken on the role of translator. And, it wasn’t leader RM.

During one interview, the group was asked which of their songs had the tough choreography. Instead of saying the title “Dionysus”, member V sang a few lines from the song, specifically the “masyeo, masyeo, masyeo” part. Then, Jungkook translated the line by singing, “Drinking, drinking, drinking.” And, RM burst into laughter.

Also, during another interview, member Jimin was explaining his answer in Korean to the question of what ARMY meant to him. Then Jungkook came to the rescue and translated it with, “I smile. You smile.”

Jungkook has really been improving his English skills, and it shows. And, all the members were extremely impressed with not only how quick he caught on but with his translation.


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