BTS Fans

BTS fans are attacking YG Entertainment over false information.


Recently, a Sports Chosun reporter had posted an article about BTS and Blackpink’s songs ranking on Billboard. 

According to the writer, one of the keys behind BTS’ popularity is because of their huge fandom while Blackpink’s musicality made Blackpink songs to Billboard charts.


Unfortunately, BTS fans who are called ‘Armys,’ thought that it was Yang Hyun Suk who said it and blatantly bashed YG Entertainment, especially Yang Hyun Suk.

BTS fans got mad over the fact that the writer said that BTS’ popularity was because of their fans’ active participation on social media.

Without conducting further research, BTS fans spread a false accusation that it was Yang Hyun Suk who mentioned it when the truth is, it was a writer who wrote it.


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