BTS V revealed his amusing story once being scammed in Seoul.

V looked back about the past and even brought up an incident where he and his dad got scammed by a taxi driver who purposefully took them on a ride when they came to Seoul years ago.

“I didn’t know we would receive attention globally. Thinking about how we were 7 years ago, and we came up to Seoul from our hometowns with nothing, practicing in a tiny basement practice room, gathering noisily to practice song and dance…these memories are still vivid in my head. When we were in discussions and I took a taxi with my dad, we even got scammed by the taxi driver. We didn’t even know that he took us through 3 tunnels just from the station to Sinsa. But I think because of those memories, it’s fun when we compare it to the success we have now. In the past, my dad just said, ‘well things like that could happen’, and I didn’t understand it but now looking back, it has become such a fun memory that I can think the same. Everything up to now, even the hard times, have all become really good memories to last. I am so happy right now. It feels like we’ve received the best gift ever. As much as today, I hope all of us can just throw away all worries and just be happy.”

However, now he thinks that these hard times are all fun memories in hindsight.


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