iKON B.I. Secretly Shows Love To iKONICS

iKON B.I. just gave iKONICS the biggest surprise after leaving iKON. iKON B.I. just signed all the merch that iKONICS brought to Buldak's store in South Korea. Buldak store is...
Blackpink Rose

Blackpink Rosé and Girl’s Day Hyeri Publicly Shows Close Friendship

Girl's Day Hyeri and Blackpink Rosé just publicly revealed their close friendship and how they enjoyed their afternoon date. On Girl's Day Hyeri's YouTube channel, everyone was surprised to see...
Perfect World

Blackpink Member New Endorser For Perfect World Mobile Game

Perfect World just announced their newest star-studded endorsers for this year. And Blackpink fans were so thrilled upon seeing their teaser. Perfect World is set to release their newest look...
Sulli Found Dead

Singer-Actress Sulli Found Dead At Age 25

SM Entertainment's artist and actress, Choi Jin-ri, who is publicly known as Sulli, was found dead inside her Seongnam apartment in South Korea.  Sulli's manager found Sulli's dead body and...
JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment’s Vice President Disrespects Bigbang But Allegedly Copies Bigbang

After publicly shaming Bigbang at an event, JYP Entertainment is under fire for allegedly copying Bigbang's MADE promotion for Stray Kids' comeback. Recently, JYP's Vice President has been under fire...
Hairstyles In K-Pop

Top 5 Legendary & Iconic Hairstyles In K-Pop

What are the legendary and iconic hairstyles in K-pop? Check out these top 5 legendary and iconic hairstyles in the K-pop industry. 5.Taeyang's Monstrous Hairstyle Taeyang's weird hairstyles made huge buzz back...


Blackpink makes another global history as they surpass Girl Generation's record! Blackpink just became the highest grossing female Korean tour in history with 24 tours being recorded. Blackpink earned more than...

BLACKPINK Dominates YouTube Views In 2019!

YouTube announced Blackpink as the most viewed Korean act on YouTube in 2019! Blackpink just dominated YouTube in 2019 so far is the most viewed Korean artist on YouTube. Following...

AKMU Achieves Certified All Kill For NEW Comeback Song!

AKMU just made one of the most successful comebacks this year as YG Entertainment's duo achieved Certified All Kill for their new song "How Can I Love The Heartbreak,...

BLACKPINK Dominates Italy, Achieves Gold Record

Blackpink dominated Italy after following their former senior YG artist's achievement. Blackpink became the first ever Korean group in history to receive a certification from Italy through their duet with...

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MAMA 2019


Blackpink beats MAMA 2019 as Blackpink held their first-day dome tour on same day as MAMA 2019. Blackpink were spotted riding the same plane with...

CL Releases NEW SONG “Rewind”

CL is officially back with new song! After years of being in a hiatus and leaving YG Entertainment, CL is officially back with her new...
In The Name of Love

CL To Release New Album ‘In The Name of Love’

CL will be releasing a new album "In The Name of Love" with six new songs after leaving YG Entertainment. CL's new project album will...