YG’s Winner Dance to Filipino’s Viral Dance Craze ‘Tala’

Winner just performed the Filipino viral dance craze "Tala" during their Cross Tour in Manila. Joining the hottest dance challenge "Tala" is none other than YG Entertainment's K-pop boy group,...
The Boyz

The Boyz Member Fanboys Over iKON Jinhwan On VLive

The Boyz's Eric publicly showed his appreciation of iKON Jinhwan's voice on VLive. Recently, The Boyz's Eric was doing a VLive on their channel and surprised everyone with his support...
iKON Bobby

iKON Bobby & iKON June Release NEW POWERFUL SONG As Gift To iKONICS

iKON just released another surprise song for iKONICS. After iKON's Jay and Bobby released a cover and original songs on YouTube, iKON just released their third YouTube this month. This time...

G-Dragon Is The Biggest Star At Chanel’s 2020 Fashion Show

G-dragon became the main highlight at Chanel's fashion show this year. G-dragon has proven once again that he is still the King of Fashion in the K-pop industry as he...
YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment’s TREASURE To Release A YouTube Reality Show

YG Entertainment officially announced Treasure's YouTube reality show. YG Entertainment is now gearing up for Treasure's debut as YG Entertainment's youngest group releases their teaser for their Youtube reality show. Every...
iKON Jinhwan

iKON Jinhwan Surprises Fans With A New Music Video

After almost a year, iKON Jinhwan is officially back on YouTube with a new music video. K-pop fans were all surprised when iKON Jinhwan released a new music video covering...

iKON Announces “FIRE” Comeback, Releases New MV Teasers

iKON reveals comeback and released music video teasers. Yes! iKON is coming back with a new song after iKON B.I.'s departure from the group. iKON excites fans as they posted music...
EXO Chen

EXO Chen Confirms Upcoming Wedding, Fiancé Rumored To Be Pregnant!

Chen of EXO officially confirmed that he is getting married soon with his fiancé. It was rumored that EXO's fiancé is pregnant and that SM Entertainment already gave Chen the...
Coachella 2020

Bella Hadid Is Excited For Bigbang’s Performance At Coachella 2020

Bella Hadid proudly showed her support for Bigbang on her Instagram. Bella Hadid just posted on Instagram the lineup for this year's Coachella Music Festival to show her support for...
YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment To Reveal Chinese Trainees In Idol Producer?

YG Entertainment will finally unveil two of their Chinese trainees in Idol Producer? As Blackpink's Lisa headed to China to become one of the mentors of the Chinese show, Idol...

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