Stray Kids

Woojin Officially Leaves Stray Kids

After two years since debut, Woojin officially leaves Stray Kids. JYP Entertainment just announced that Woojin officially leaves Stray Kids due to personal circumstances. JYP also announced that due to Woojin's...
Blackpink Jennie

Willow Smith Invites Blackpink Jennie To Her Private Birthday Party

Blackpink Jennie was spotted at Willow Smith's private birthday celebration. After Coachella, Blackpink Jennie and Willow Smith hangs out again for Willow's private birthday party with some international celebrities. Fans called...
Halloween Party

Ariana Grande Secretly Invites Blackpink Jennie To Her Halloween Party

Blackpink Jennie secretly attended Ariana Grande's Halloween party. While Blackpink Lisa was spotted in Thailand, here goes Blackpink Jennie spotted in Ariana's Halloween party. People were surprised to see Jennie on...
YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment’s New Building Interior Amazes Everyone

YG Entertainment reveals a sneak-peek of their new building and everyone is loving it! After all the hardwork in the past years, YG Entertainment is finally getting their new building...
Korean Dramas

Top 5 Viral Korean Dramas Today That You Shouldn’t Miss!

What are the HOTTEST Korean dramas today? Here are the Top 5 Most Popular Korean Dramas today, worldwide. Vagabond If you're into action dramas, this is the perfect drama for you....
Niall Horan

Niall Horan Likes Blackpink Rosé’s Instagram Photo

Niall Horan just liked Blackpink Rosé's support and the fans are loving it. Recently, Blackpink Rosé just posted a fun shoot photo on Instagram taken at Saint Laurent Rive Doirte...

Chinese Bigbang Fans Give G-Dragon A Truly Extravagant Surprise

Chinese VIPs just gave G-Dragon a truly extravagant congratulatory surprise for completing his mandatory military service. Chinese VIPs just prepared one of the most extravagant and biggest video greetings for...

G-Dragon Is Officially Back, Gathers Fans From All Around The World!

G-Dragon, the King of K-pop, just finished his military service and the world is ready to be slayed again by his boundless artistry! Around 7:00AM KST today, over 3,000 Bigbang...

iKON Bobby Proudly Calls B.i. ‘Brother’

iKON Bobby just confirmed that iKON members will forever be brothers! Despite all the rumors and news about iKON B.I. recently, iKON Bobby just proved to everyone that their brotherhood...

G-Dragon To Be Discharged From Military Soon!

This is not a drill! G-dragon, the King of K-pop, will be back to the real world on October 26, 2019! Everyone is getting ready for the biggest comeback of...

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