If anyone understands the importance of fun amidst responsibility, it’s Jisoo!

BLACKPINK ‘s Jisoo wants their student fans to know that there’s more to life than just studying.

In a live broadcast earlier this year, Jisoo read a comment from a fan that said the fan skipped classes to see BLACKPINK and only had encouraging things to say to them.

One of the fans said, “I skipped my classes to go to see and failed my exam. My mom got mad at me.”

Rather than scold the fan, Jisoo told the fan that it’s okay! “That will become part of your good memories.” Jisoo told the fan that she was contributing to good memories that are forever to keep.

“If you only focus in your school life that won’t be fun. You and your mom are to be bonded stronger when you are scolded by her,” she added.

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