YG Entertainment’s new girl group were seen outside YG’s new building.

Previously, fans became ecstatic to hear the news about YG’s upcoming girl group named ‘Baby Monsters’ as a YG insider named Eskimo uploaded a photo with the hashtags ‘Cannot wait’ and two emoticons of a baby and a monster.

These fans speculated that the new girl group would debut soon, and the sighting of the trainees in front of the YG building solidifies the speculation.

Recently. fans recently spotted the company’s new girl group entering the company building at night.

The video was recorded by a fan and captured five female trainees leaving a van and entering the YG Entertainment building.

Many fans are speculating that the new girl group will debut soon with five members.

The group’s official lineup has not been released yet and will only be released right before the group debuts.

The new girl group is already gaining attention even before their debut as they are the first girl group to be released by the company after BLACKPINK.

As BLACKPINK continues to gain global popularity, many fans are highly anticipating the new girl group as fans are certain that the new group will be named ‘Baby Monsters’ after the company filed trademarks to ‘Baemon’ short for ‘Baby Monsters.’

Stay tuned for further updates!

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