Upcoming K-Pop releases you can look forward to

It’s time for summer! The hype around the season is undeniable, and what’s a better way to beat the heat other than jamming to some new K-Pop releases? While, unfortunately, we won’t be able to listen to some K-Pop anthems by Sistar anymore, following their disbandment, you can look forward to some of these comebacks set for summer. Check the list out below!

1. EXO

EXO has been confirmed to make a comeback sometime between mid to end July. The members will film their music video next week, but there hasn’t been any official announcement on the concept nor the title track.

2. Blackpink

YG Entertainment’s darkhorse, Blackpink will be making a comeback on June 22. Today, YG Entertainment teased the fans by releasing member Jennie’s teaser picture.

3. 9Muses

The sexy divas will release the title song ‘Remember’ soon, so be sure to catch their new jam anytime soon.

4. Mamamoo

K-Pop’s ‘it’ ladies, Mamamoo, released a 23-second teaser video for their latest release,  ‘나로 말할 것 같으면’. They will be making a comeback on the same day as Blackpink.

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