A genre other than K-Pop

While it’s easy to associate Korean music to K-Pop, there’s no harm in exploring other Korean music genres. One that deserves your attention would be the rising K-indie bands. While some of them have branched out to the mainstream music scene, some remain as unnoticed gems. Without further ado, let us present 3 Korean indie bands you’d love.

1. Ulala Session

Most famous releases: Swing Baby, Used It All Up, Goodbye Day
Achievement: The group won Superstar K3.

2. Busker Busker

Most famous releases: Cherry Blossom Ending, Yeosu Night Sea
Achievement: Cherry Blossom Ending is a must-listen song during spring; 5 years since its initial release have passed but once it’s spring time, the song would climb up the chart.

3. Rooftop Moonlight / Okdal (옥상달빛)

Most famous releases: Great Thinking-Thinking About You, Cheer Up
Achievement: The female duo collaborated with male group VIXX, poet Ha Sang-Wook, and many other artists. The group has been promoting since 2010 and is still going strong

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