YG Entertainment officially clarified that they’re not connected to the Japanese girlgroup, XGALX.

K-pop fans were getting very much excited after many netizens thought that YG Entertainment is to release a new girlgroup in Japan called XGALX. The group was believed to be a collaborative project between Japan’s Avex Entertainment and Japan’s YG Entertainment.

However, on February 21, YG Entertainment has finally released a short statement stating that YG Entertainment is not connected to XGALX, “ “Our company has nothing to do with girl group XG.”

Possible reasons that made people think that the group is from YG Entertainment are because they did some training inside YG Entertainment’s public facilities, their group icon is almost the same as YG logo’s font, and the powerful talents of the members which are one of the key factors of every YG artist.

Check out XGALX’s debut teaser below.




  1. YG Japan is a Japanese subsidiary of YG Entertainment Group. YG Japan and Avex which is a fully Japanese company, created a new label XGALX which is based on YGEX (YG and avEX) which was formed in 2011.

    From the official YG Japan website.
    ‘As a comprehensive entertainment company, we focus on the management of YG ENTERTAINMENT’s artists and actors in Japan. YG ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN was established in 2007 as the Japanese subsidiary of YG ENTERTAINMENT, a major Korean entertainment production company.’ YG ‘s statement saying they have nothing to do with the group XG is like saying that “Yeah, she’s my sister, but she’s adopted”. Family but not really family.

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