TREASURE’s Jihoon Perfectly Imitates His Idol Senior BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, iKON’s Bobby!

On the recent episode of Video Star, TREASURE’s Jihoon shows several charms and talent together with the other YG artists Suwon and Jiwon from the legendary group Sechs Kies...

TREASURE’s Web Drama “It’s Okay, That’s Friendship” Hits 2 million views in Just a...

Another achievement for TREASURE! TREASURE’s agency YG Entertainment stated, the group's “Treasure Map Season 2- drama parody “It's Okay, That's Friendship” quickly reached 2 million views in just three days....

BLACKPINK Rose’s Solo Debut On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

BLACKPINK’s Rose performs for the first time as a solo artist on American TV at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”! On the March 16 episode of NBC’s late-night talk...

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has Been Selected as the New face of ‘Vita500’!

BLACKPINK Jennie was chosen as a new model for popular South Korean vitamin drink, Vita500! On March 6, the brand released a short clip of her promoting the drink on...

BLACKPINK Jisoo Becomes Global Ambassador For ‘Dior Fashion’ and ‘Dior Beauty’

Jisoo was known as the global ambassador of 'Dior Beauty', while also representing both 'Dior Fashion' and 'Dior Beauty' in South Korea! On March 6, Dior officially confirmed that BLACKPINK’s...

BLACKPINK Has Been Chosen As an Influential Women in Global Entertainment

They have joined a list of amazing women! According to VARIETY an American online Magazine, BLACKPINK has been selected as some of the most influential women in entertainment. They published...

iKON’s Digital Single “Why Why Why” Trends Worldwide

iKON finally released their new music video for their digital single "Why Why Why”! On March 3 at 6 p.m. KST, iKON made their long-awaited return with the new digital...

iKON Reveals Comeback Single “Why Why Why” MV!

iKON’s upcoming group comeback has completely unveiled! On March 3 at 6 p.m. KST, the group released their new digital single “Why Why Why” along with the music video. The...

YG Entertainment’s ‘Mr.Queen’ Receives Massive Backlash From K-netz?

Is YG Entertainment under attack once again after their massive hit Korean drama "Mr. Queen" receives accusations for allegedly distorting Korea's history? Despite putting disclaimers before the show starts, YG...

TREASURE Burns Up the Japanese Music Scene!

YG's newest boy group, TREASURE, is about to debut in Japan that raises massive expectations by predicting unusual popularity, such as rising to the top! On March 10th, YG Entertainment...

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