Jang Wonyoung’s Sister Officially Enters the Entertainment Industry

Is Jang Wonyoung's older sister about to enter the entertainment industry? Jang Wonyoung's older sister, Jang Da Ah, has officially entered the entertainment industry. On April 7th, Star News reported that...
Blackpink Rose

Rosé Forgets Star Status and Fangirls at THIS ARTIST!

BLACKPINK is without a doubt one of the biggest groups in the world, and its members are all well-known celebrities. Nonetheless, Rosé recently made headlines after appearing to forget...

G-Dragon Accidentally Rekindles Dating Rumors with Sandara Park

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon recently made some changes to his Instagram page, and it sent fans into a tizzy as an apparent typo unexpectedly revived shipping rumors. Just when Daragon shippers thought...

Former K-pop Idol Reveals CEOs Rarely Praise Trainees

Former ILUV member Shin Min Ah has revealed why high-level staff in entertainment agencies rarely praise trainees. Former K-pop idol, Shin Min Ah, has revealed that it's not true that...
Aespa Karina

Karina’s Unreal Visuals Impress Fans at Sound Check Festival in Thailand

Aespa's Karina has gained much attention for her stunning visuals that appear too good to be true, and her performance in Thailand as part of the Sound Check Festival...

Watch the Video: BLACKPINK Members Love Eating Hot Pot!

BLACKPINK members sing and dance about playing with fire, being forever young, and shutting stuff down—but they also sing about… hot pot? In a recent Instagram post by Lisa, Jisoo...

BABYMONSTER Asa’s First Public Interaction with TREASURE’s Jihoon Amuses Fans

BABYMONSTER Asa amused fans with her shy public interaction with Treasure's Jihoon. Although BABYMONSTER has yet to debut, Asa has already given fans an enjoyable interaction with their YG Entertainment...

Seit 10 Jahren ungelöst: Das größte BTS-Rätsel bleibt ein Mysterium

Als Fan weiss man, dass es schon über ein Jahrzehnt her ist, seit BTS in ihrer Variety-Show 'BTS Rookie King: Channel Bangtan' das erste Mal aufgetreten sind. Im ersten...

Sängerin DeVita deutet neue Beziehung mit heissem Model an, nachdem Verlobung angeblich aufgelöst wurde.

  Die Sängerin DeVita erregt nicht nur Aufmerksamkeit für ihr atemberaubendes Aussehen, ihr beeindruckendes Talent und ihre humorvolle Persönlichkeit. Im Juni 2022 waren ihre Fans...

New K-pop Groups That Will Debut in 2023

YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Fantagio and more are debuting new K-pop groups in 2023. Who do you think...

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