Bang Yedam

Treasure’s Bang Yedam To Have Solo Debut Before Treasure’s Group Debut

Before the official debut of Treasure, Bang Yedam is set to debut as a solo YG artist first! After years of being trained under YG Entertainment and enduring all obstacles...
Bigbang TOP

Bigbang TOP Rumored To Be Dating Actress Kim Ga Bin

Bigbang's TOP was wrapped up in dating rumors when actress Kim Ga Bin posted a photo of her being hugged by Bigbang's Top on Instagram. Recently, actress Kim Ga Bin...
Berry Good Johyun

Berry Good’s Johyun Apologizes For Calling Lovelyz Mijoo’s Body ‘Like A Chopstick’

Berry Good's Johyun sincerely apologizes after K-pop fans called her our for unintentional body shaming Lovelyz's Mijoo. Berry Good's Johyun became a hot topic after the K-pop idol compared Lovelyz...
Lady Gaga Blackpink

Lady Gaga Reveals The Reason Of Collaboration With Blackpink

Lady Gaga shares her thoughts why she wanted to collaborate with Ariana Grande and Blackpink. In a recent interview, Lady Gaga revealed why she wanted to have a collaboration with...

iKON Junhoe’s Sister Sings Live, Showing Her Amazing Singing Talent!

iKON Junhoe's sister, Koo Ye-jin, performed live on stage singing Park Bom's "You & I." iKON's fans were surprised when they saw iKON Junhoe's sister performed live on one of...
YG Chinese Trainee

YG Entertainment Chinese Trainee’s Name Finally Revealed

We finally got the name of this handsome YG Entertainment trainee in China. Check out his details below. Name: Youbin/Kingston Birthday: 06/03/1999 Residence: Toronto, Canada Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean    
Blackpink Rosé

[RE-WATCH!] Blackpink Rosé’s Instagram Live Concert That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Blackpink Rosé had a mini-concert on Instagram and sang some of your favorite popular songs! Blackpink Rosé, along with his handsome guitarist that people couldn't stop talking about, had a...
Blackpink Reality Program

Blackpink Surprises Fans With First YouTube Reality Program!

Blackpink surprises their fans with their first YouTube Reality Program! After their YouTube TV show, Blackpink TV, YG Entertainment announces that Blackpink will be having a reality program which was...
Blackpink Whistle


YG Entertainment's Treasure covered Blackpink's Whistle, showing off their natural-born talents! The future new boy group of YG Entertainment just released an acoustic cover of Blackpink's Whistle with their live...
YG Entertainment

Netizens Furious At Dispatch For Alleged Media Play Against YG Entertainment

Is Dispatch secretly attacking YG Entertainment, once again?  The #ShutdownDISPATCH trended worldwide when Dispatch released false rumors about Mino performing in a club during a pandemic, when the truth is,...

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