Bang Yedam

Before the official debut of Treasure, Bang Yedam is set to debut as a solo YG artist first!

After years of being trained under YG Entertainment and enduring all obstacles just to debut as a YG Entertainment artist, YG Entertainment will finally give Bang Yedam his solo debut before debuting as a Treasure member.

Everyone was surprised when YG Entertainment revealed the teaser for Bang Yedam’s debut on YouTube.

Bang Yedam became popular internationally when he sang his live version of Shawn Mendez’s “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” and has gone viral.

Bang Yedam also produces his own songs. Here’s one of his self-produced songs.

It was announced that Bang Yedam will debut on June 2020 while Treasure will debut on the following month, July 2020.

Are you excited to hear an official song from YG Entertainment’s newest ace, Bang Yedam? We are too!


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