Instagram meltdown

Rapper Yook Ji-Dam, from the Show Me The Money fame has claimed that she was in a close relationship with Wanna One’s Kang Daniel. The rapper, who’s two years younger than Kang Daniel, was criticized for her insensitive remark made when she went to a funeral home. Now, she is once again the center of attention when she uploaded a screenshot of what is likened to a Kang Daniel fan fiction, then claimed the story was based on her and Kang Daniel’s past relationship.


While she then deleted the post, she refused to provide any clarification. She insisted she wasn’t drunk, despite making many typos when writing her Instagram post. Fellow rapper Kasper then clarified the two’s relationship – then soon, Kang Daniel’s agency released a statement denying they were in a relationship. Yook Ji-Dam’s father stepped forward and supported Kasper’s statement – that is, they were close friends, but have not been contacting one another frequently after Kang Daniel appeared in Produce 101.

Photo credit: Soompi

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