Song Mino
After attacking G-Dragon and YG Entertainment, Dispatch is now attacking Song Mino.


Song Mino is following an Instagram account which uses the name of “PrettyPuke.”

Currently, Pretty Puke is an Instagram account that posts sexual and erotic pictures.

However, WINNER’s Mino started following the account in 2015 when 2ne1’s CL had a project called Dr.Pepper, one of CL’s international songs.

Back then, Pretty Puke’s post on Instagram was not in any way related to erotic photos, but rare exotic photos of the modern youth at night time.

WINNER’s Song Mino already followed the account three years ago but Dispatch made an issue about it just now.

The Pretty Puke account is already an inactive account, and no photos posted this year.

Now, Song Mino already unfollowed everyone he followed before on Instagram.

While Dispatch continues to attack YG Entertainment’s artists, who do you think would they go after next?


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