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We are finally getting an EXO and iKON interaction.


EXO and iKON’s fans were all surprised when EXO’s Sehun started following iKON’s Chanwoo on Instagram.

Everyone was surprised because EXO and iKON rarely have the chance to interact with each other knowing iKON have been doing overseas tour in the past two years since debut and wasn’t able to attend year-end awards for the previous year’s awards shows.

This created a huge buzz in both fandoms since Sehun is following no one on Instagram.

After a few seconds, Sehun unfollowed Chanwoo.

It looks like Sehun just accidentally followed Chanwoo.

How did it happen? Only Sehun knows.

Sehun and Chanwoo are both maknaes in their respective groups.

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