EXO’s Baekhyun has released an apology after revealing a sasaeng‘s phone number during his Instagram live session. Yesterday, in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their fans, Baekhyun along with fellow EXO-CBX members Chen and Xiumin went live using Baekhyun’s Instagram and had an impromptu karaoke session. The event, however, was interrupted as a certain sasaeng fan (an obsessive fan who intrudes a celebrity’s private life) kept on calling Baekhyun’s number. Angered, Baekhyun read the number aloud.

Fans, then, started to call the number. The owner of the phone number, however, claimed she wasn’t the fan in question. In order to deal with the situation, Baekhyun uploaded a post in Instagram asking fans to stop calling the number and apologized to everyone hurt by his action.

Photo credit: Top Star News

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