Have you been using a face mist? If yes, do you really need it? And if not, why do you need it? Here’s the answer to your questions!

Face mists can temporarily alter the appearance of your skin, and, because they are usually cool and pleasantly fragranced, it will make you feel refreshed. It is nice to use a face mist when you need extra moisture or a quick skin booster after a few hours. If you’re always on the go and need freshen up, face mist is perfect for you.

There are many face mists available in the market today but 3 Concept Eyes Moist Glossing Face Oil Mist is one of the best!


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Highly moisturising oil mist composed of 2 layers water and oil. After wash, spray on your face before or after makeup. It will give you a long-lasting natural glow.

Extracts from blackberry, raspberry and berry complex will moisturise and nourish your skin. Sap ingredient from birch provides moisture and gives you a lively and energetic skin!

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