Plagiarizing Winner
Guess, America doesn’t know what K-pop groups hold huge power and popularity in the K-pop industry.

Popular American rapper, 6ix9ine, is covered by plagiarism issue for his newly released song.

On May 18, 6ix9ine released his new track titled “Nobody” on his YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, some listeners noticed that 6ix9ine’s new song sounded similar to Winner’s Island.

K-pop fans were enraged that the American rapper plagiarized not just a part of Winner’s songs, but the American rapper plagiarized the entire instrumental of Winner’s Island.

Some listeners started commenting on 6ix9ine’s video bringing up the plagiarism issue.

Check out 6ix9ine’s alleged plagiarized song and Winner’s Island below.

What do you think? Does 6ix9ine deserve all the plagiarism issues that he is receiving right now? Drop your comments below.


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